Innovative Solutions

FinTech technologically enabled financial innovation that could result in new business models. FTD is a regulated broker, providing financial products and services for customers in areas such as exchanges, self-regulated financial trading venues and OTC markets. 

FTD is innovating the financial services industry, from increasing the speed of services to offering more added value to its customers and business partners.

We strive to achieve perfectionism in financial trading industry, while customers deal with day-to-day changing market conditions and challenges. We are committed to customer service excellence and ongoing trader education. All of our team members are qualified, outstanding professionals with the necessary experience to provide the best innovative and accurate outcome for you.

Advanced Liquidity

Customized volume-based data feeds, which are formed by VWAP algorithms, create non-slippage trading environments for large quantity traders.

Synthetic Instruments

FTD provides artificially created new tradable instruments to meet customer needs not met by existing brokers. They are designed to offer a higher return or multilateral diversification options to reduce the systematic risk.

Copy Trading

FTD Bridge solution has copy trading tools and allows to copy trades between traders. Forward or reverse copying is available with a volume multiplier, matching the needs of our customers. A single order can be copied into multiple accounts with different settings.

Risk Management

Offering risk management services on the platform itself creates the opportunity to easily offer risk management interfaces to White Label partners.


Any trading system can be integrated to our bridge facility and start to use proprietary FIX API.


FTD CRM solution is designed to meet the everyday needs of White Labels and IBs. Our CRM solution enhances our partners’ operational excellence.

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