About Us

Founded in 2017 by a group of financial services industry professionals, FTD offers comprehensive trading platforms, backed by deep liquidity pools, organized markets and end-to-end financial services to the targeted specialists.

FTD has placed a strong emphasis on providing user-friendly platforms to generate an innovative trading environment for its clients. We do not open a gate to our clients to become over-leveraged but, leverage years of our finance industry experience to bring the best in financial services. Our goal is to create long-term value through enduring relationships and use our knowledge to secure sustainable results for the return of the investments.

Innovative Trading Broker | FTD Limited
Online Brokerage Services

Aiming to provide the best of both, FTD Team believes that the success
of  the  next-generation  brokerage  relies  on  human   resources   and
strong infrastructure for information  technologies. FTD is concentrated
on online brokerage services as  all-in-one  solutions  for  Futures,  Forex,
and CFDs.

We believe in intellectual honesty and remain united by the high
standards regulatory excellence, operating principles and accessibility
of world-class resources.


Financial Services Commission (FSC)
FTD Ltd is incorporated under the laws of the British Virgin Islands as a BVI BUSINESS COMPANY with registration number 1944994, licensed and regulated by the BVI Financial Services Commission (FSC) under Investment Business Licence number SIBA/L/19/1123.

Financial Services Commission is the Territory’s single regulatory authority responsible for the regulation, supervision and inspection of all financial services in and from within the BVI. The FSC was established in 2001 pursuant to the Financial Services Commission Act, 2001.

Corporate Govarnance

This Corporate Governance Framework is established by Board of Directors (“BoD”) of FTD Limited to provide a structure within which our directors and management can effectively pursue FTD’s objectives for the benefit of its stockholders and customers. BoD intends that the guidelines serve as a flexible framework within which BoD may conduct its business, not as a set of binding legal obligations. These guidelines should be interpreted in the context of all applicable laws, other governing legal documents and FTD Limited’s policies.

Code of Conduct

The Code is crucial in ensuring that our staff—as well as the public—is aware of the standards we have set for ourselves. Our staff are personally responsible for compliance with the Code, and failure to comply with its provisions is grounds for disciplinary action, which may include dismissal, and referral to the relevant governmental authorities and other regulatory bodies, where appropriate. Regarding any course of conduct not specifically addressed in the Code, staff are instructed to consult their supervisors or the Compliance Officer, but ultimately, they are responsible for using good judgment and acting in a manner consistent with the spirit, principles, and values stated in the Code.

Organizational Chart